Shivanshu Goyal

I’m a Software Engineer at Microsoft working on Microsoft Office. I studied Computer Engineering at the University of British Columbia. I have about 10 years of programming experience working on various kinds of software, such as web apps, desktop apps, android apps, compilers, operating systems, and firmware. A lot of these projects are fun side projects, some are useful open source projects, and some are part of the internships that I’ve done in the past.

I founded PigeonMail.io in September 2016, and ran it til April 2019. The free version is essentially an email service where all email addresses @pigeonmail.io pre-exist, and are open to the public for receiving emails. The enterprise versions offer a private email service which can be used with custom domains. They also offer many other features such as being able to send emails from any email address @example.com (assuming you register with PigeonMail with example.com domain). I got very busy with my job, so I couldn’t do maintenance, which is why I took it down. If you want to take ownership of it, you can contact me at support@team.pigeonmail.io.

In the summer of 2016, I interned at Microsoft. I worked on an internal build system for Office, and helped make it more scalable, distributed, and efficient.

In the summer of 2015, I interned at Arista. I worked on a BGP router feature which enables routers to filter incoming and outgoing BGP routes by a particular criteria and take custom actions on these routes.

The year before that I interned at Grin Technologies, and made 2 desktop applications which run on all 3 major operating systems. These apps are used for programming a custom charger that they make. I also made 4 web apps for them.

I’ve been diving deeper into the world of JavaScript and Node.js these days. Check out some of the modules I’ve recently written:

Check out some of my other projects on the Technical Projects page, or on my GitHub.